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Season preperation and SR Suntour Werx Camp

With the new year the second half of my winter training begins. I started it with a sweet skiing day on the Feldberg close to Freiburg. After an exhausting day on the pist, I went back to my usual training: gym and road bike sessions.

Durring the whole January I could work very well, although winter treated me with a lot of cold wearther. I did many hours on the roadie and in the gym of the olympic center in Freiburg with my team mates until it was finaly the day of testing in the end of January. The results showed what I hoped my winter training would pay off and what to work on until the season will start. After that the training for February was adjusted and the next event to look forward to was almost in sight so I had no problems motivating myself to go out at the disgusting temperatures of the German winter.

From the 4th to the 9th of February SR Suntour invited David List and me to the SR Suntour Werx Camp to La Fenasosa Bike Park near Alicante in Spain. Usualy when I go to Spain in that time of the year I don´t expect to ride every day with short sleves but it was far colder than that... When I was packing my suitcase for the trip I didn´t waste a thought on snow or conditions under five degrees so you can imagine that I wasn´t prepared perfect. Anyway it still was a nice week full of filming, testing suspension setups and getting in touch with other riders from many disciplines. Sitting next to famous champions such as Julien Absalon or Tracey and Mick Hannah at lunch, chatting or riding on the trails with them was a lot of fun and a real honor.

The perk of the cold weather in Spain was that it didn´t took a lot of time to get used cold weather in Germany again. When I´m coming home from a warm place to cold Freiburg in winter I always watch out a lot to not get sick. But in this case I didn´t need to take a day off training and just could keep going as planned and again the time to the next trip was not to long.

Now I´m already on the way there. Luca Schwarzbauer is sitting next to me, driving Clarissa Mai, my father and me to the first race of the season: Copa Catalana BTT international Banyoles. The weather now seems to be better in Spain than a few weeks ago and we´re all looking forward to get into race mode again.


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