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For the pancakes:

300g bananas (ca. 4 pieces)

330g spelt flour

50g coconut flakes

500ml - 550ml soy milk (any other plant milk tastes better but soy milk has more protein, so it works better)

For baking:

coconut fat

For the cocoa sauce:

30g cocoa pouder (pure and unsweetened)

50g maple sirup

30ml water


1/2 fresh coconut

150g bananas (ca. 2 pieces)

300g strawberries

250g plant yogurt

mint leaves

How to make it

Peal the bananas and squash them in a big bowl. Add the flour, the coconut flakes, the plant milk and mix it up until it´s a homogene thick fluid (For my taste the bananas and coconut flakes give enough sweetness so I don´t add any sugar, but the sauce is sweet too).

Heaten up the coconut fat in a pan and fry the pancake dough until the surface isn´t fluid anymore and the ground is gold-brown. Then flip the pancake and go on frying until its gold-brown coloured on both sides.

To serve all pancakes at the same time and keep them warm until then, heat up the oven to 50°C and store the pancakes there on a plate.

For the cocoa sauce fill all ingredients in a empty jam jar or in a mixer (I´m too lazy to clean the mixer after making that tiny volume of sauce, the jar can go into the dishwasher after using and you will need the mixer later). Shake the jar or turn on the mixer until its I nice and creamy sauce.

Additionally I like to dip my pancakes into a strawberry-banana-yogurt. For that, put the

bananas and half of the strawberries together with the yogurt in the mixer. Same here as everywhere: Make it creamy and homogene.

Peal the fresh coconut and break the pulp into small pieces. Put the strawberry-banana-yogurt in a bowl, add the coconut pieces and the rest of the strawberries in slices of your favourite size.

Finally you can garnish the yogurt with fresh mint leaves. There are many different kinds of mint with variable flavours. My favourite one for this recipe is strawberry-mint.

So that is one of my favourite ways to serve pancakes. If you have other delicious recipes please let me know.


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